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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Off to the Museum!

Another fun day with Strege's!
We headed to the museum - the kids couldn't wait to see all the dinosaurs! They were doing face painting when we arrived so the kids raced right over! What cute little bears!
There were 3 options for face painting - owl, raccoon or bear. The girls went for the raccoons.
Berlyn and Hannah in the big tree house they had set up
We all died laughing over this picture of the 4 girls. Berlyn is throwing a fit of all fits and Andi is doing all she can do to hold on to her, Hannah is curious and intrigued by what Berlyn is doing and Madison is oblivious, smiling away for the picture :-)
Izyk is the little poser of the bunch. Anytime I wanted to take a picture I could be sure he would be posing and ready by the time the camera flashed :-) It was so cute.
I guess Hannah wasn't in the mood for a picture
Berlyn is sitting so cute - so still and with her hands perfectly placed on her legs :-) Izyk and Isaac are taking their bear faces very seriously and are trying to act "tough and mean"
The interactive puzzles were really fun for the kids. If there wasn't a line behind them I would have tried it for myself - I have always been a puzzle maniac!
Our last stop before heading home - the play room

There was a dress up corner and of course Madison went right for the horse! Isaac thought it was pretty cool to have a space suit to wear!!

A fun day for all!

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Greta Marie said...

That looks like a great museum for kids with so many things for them to interact with! Very cool. I like that little picture of Berlin and Hannah hugging. All of your ("your" being the Lindbergs' and the Strege's) kids are so sweet. :)