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Thursday, July 22, 2010


We ventured to Roseau, MN for the wedding of our awesome friend/former babysitter/"sister" Greta. It was so great to be a part of such an amazing day. Greta looked BEAUTIFUL, the day was bright and sunny (after a quick shower in the morning) and the wedding & reception were a true celebration. We have known Greta since she was 12 and have spent TONS of time together. She was a God send for us as a babysitter, also as a helper & encourager when we bought the theatre and worked like crazy to get it open and of course for me as a friend. She means the world to us and we are so excited for her to find such an awesome guy to spend the rest of her life with!
Isaac had the privilege of being the ring bearer and did an awesome job. After going through the rehearsal we were slightly concerned. He was really uneasy and shy and even started crying on his way back down the aisle. Thankfully, he did walked down the aisle, stayed up there the whole service and walked down with no problems. Half way through the ceremony he started to blink like crazy then wipe his eyes a bunch but he pulled himself together. I think he just got a bit overwhelmed. The flower girl was a little cutie named Kajsa (Kigh-su). She is only 3 days younger than Isaac. She was so funny - while waiting to do pictures she sighed and said, "this is hard work"
Isn't his outfit cute!! He was one sharp looking 5 year old!!Greta and Tom during the picture taking process. All the pictures were taken before the ceremony at a really cool outdoor place with lots of old buildings. They got them all done in 1.5 hours! Pretty impressive :-)
The wedding party consisted of:
(on Tom's side) Tom's 2 sisters, Kari and Rebekah and his two brother-in-laws, Ben and Jordan
(on Greta's side) Greta's two sisters, Erica and Ingrid, her sister-in-law Heidi and her brother Aaron
I loved the bridal parties attire - the deep purple dresses looked awesome with the orange shirts and the bright colorful flowers.
Greta's dress was SO PRETTY. It was elegant yet simple. It had a really soft sheer overlay with lots of embroidery down it. Heidi did her hair and it looked great too. It was all twisted up with simple white flowers in it. I am not sure I got a picture of her hair - that's a bummer!
Just the girls
and now for the guys
There was a really neat old church there that you could go inside. It was great to get some pics in there
Greta, Aaron and Heidi waiting for another picture. It was a cool pic - all the couples were scattered throughout the pews but mine didn't work out. Guess you will have to wait for the real deal from Greta (I am sure she will post them on her blog - right Greta!) :-)

I love this picture of Tom and Greta. It was not a posed pic just a glimpse of two people who are thrilled to have each other and are very much in love!
This pic was great! You would be surprised to know how long it took for the guys to "stagger themselves" as they were instructed. They were either all down, all up, or in a straight line. It was so funny :-)
Not only do we think Greta is the best - we also think her parents are too! Her whole family is awesome. Greta's wedding was not only a celebration with her but with them as well. Val and Sheldon have arrived to get their pics with the bride and groom.
Back at the church and guests are arriving in droves :-) There were nearly 375 people there! Madison was in charge of the gift table and she was in awe of all the gifts. She said she really wished she could watch Greta open them all and see what was in there. She also said she was pretty sure that they got at least a few of the same things :-) Funny little analytical girl. She was not happy with this picture of her but it was all I could get (there were so many people that I had to just take one quick)
Val and Aaron
Aaron and Heidi. I tried to get a picture of Erica and Ingrid but it didn't work out.
Isaac and Kajsa looking a tad uncomfortable. I was afraid when he saw all the people he would freeze but he didn't. He didn't smile like we instructed him but that's okay - he did great.
Sheldon's first experience with giving away a daughter.
Hey, I guess I did get a pic of the back of her hair :-) So pretty! I love seeing Tom in this picture - he looks so happy. They were both smiling like none other the entire day!
Our serious little Isaac. Such a strange departure from his normal silly, theatrical self :-)
I love how they are holding hands. They both did just what they were told - it was really cute.
I love this picture of Sheldon and Isaac.
At the reception shortly before Greta and Tom left.
Cleaning up the city center provided some comic relief, especially watching Ingrid and Erica trying to sweep up with this tiny broom. I couldn't resist taking a picture :-)

Hannah is always right there wanting to help. She also informed me that her dress was "just like Greta's" Of course the similarities stopped at the color but that didn't stop her from feeling very special :-)
I really like this pic too. Madison was with her friends nonstop so I didn't get a chance to take one with her in it.
The kids occupying themselves while we helped clean up. The are really studying those flowers :-)
It was such a beautiful celebration and a day we wouldn't miss for the world. Congratulations Tom and Greta!!!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

33 Weeks

We have had amazing weather for the past week and have been out enjoying it!! I couldn't resist having Madison take some "baby" pics for me today outside! I usually just set the self timer but Madison was around and I was happy to avoid all that running back and forth :-) Doesn't the field with all the hay baled look beautiful!!
Hannah talks all about the baby. She talks about "her" doing this and "her" doing that. I said, "Hannah, do you know that the baby might be a boy and not a girl?" She thought about that for a second then said, "But mom, I don't want a boy - I want a girl" Something tells me she won't care when the time comes :-)
I had my appointment with the midwife today and all was well. The baby has grown a lot and actually measured 1 week ahead (34 cm instead of 33 cm). He or she was moving like crazy (as usual) and made it hard to get the heartbeat recorded :-) Once she finally got it I forgot to ask what it was :-)

I LOVE to feel him/her move and will miss that when this pregnancy is over. He/she moves SO much that there is rarely a moment where I don't "feel" his/her presence. I love that!

We are getting very anxious to meet this little acrobat who keeps us entertained with all the crazy stuff he/she does :-)

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Summer Days with Cousins

It was very nice to have Brock's sister Erika and her son Finn visiting last week. The kids had so much fun. They had lots of time to play and even a couple sleepovers at Grandma and Grandpa's! We had decent weather (minus a few thunderstorms and a major hail storm) so they got to play outside alot.
Isaac "reading" to Finn and Hannah
One hot afternoon the kids cooled off in the sprinkler. Shortly after finishing a storm rolled in and we were all scrambling to get inside
Finn wasn't real interested in the sprinkler but he had fun on the "balance beam/teeter totter" they created
Hannah definitely spent the most time in the sprinkler. She LOVES water. She will be the little fish of the family.
An essential part of any hot day - Popsicles!!
Finn and Isaac having fun with the deck cushions. We have spent enough time chasing our cushions - we have now learned to get them all inside when the wind starts whipping :-)