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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Heading Up

Despite the deep snow, icy sections, down trees and steep terrain we all had a blast. Although, I was nervous and slightly hesitant for a lot of it - I still had fun and was very glad we never turned around. The bottom left picture is Isaac, Hannah and I waiting while the others went a little higher. I decided I didn't care about seeing the ice climbers real close :-)
The top right picture is of the ice climbers - you can see the patch of ice between the trees and a person almost nearly equal with the top of the left tree. By the time we reached the top most of the climbers were already down.

It was amazing looking behind us at the huge mountains! They were so beautiful. I should have taken Hannah out of the beco so she could be seen in this picture :-)

We are back down on level ground :-) The hike/slide down wasn't as bad as I expected. As long as there were trees to hold onto all you had to do was slide from branch to branch :-)

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The Outdoor Gang said...

Awesome pictures! You guys sure look like a happy family :)!