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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Happenings

We have had a busy summer! In addition to the normal summer activities we made a trip to MN, moved to a new house, enjoyed multiple visitors and did several park and rec activities. The weather has been great and we have thoroughly enjoyed everything about our first summer in MT
Splashing around in the pond. We love having access to this anytime we want. It is also very nice to be able to see it from our house so we can go when it is not so busy :-)
In addition to the art class Madison took earlier, she also took a canoeing and kayaking class. She loved it and is better at both than I am :-) I didn't tell her that she would have to flip over in the kayak to learn how to get back up because I was afraid she wouldn't want to do the class. She thought it was no big deal and told me all about it excitedly after class. She is better than me and braver than me :-)
Isaac was thrilled to be able to do soccer and LOVED it! He did a great job too. He listened well and did whatever they told him to do. He is easily sidetracked so it was nice to see him so focused :-)

On the last day the kids played a game against each other. Isaac scored a goal and was SO proud of himself. After he scored he just stopped playing and looked over at me. It took him a second to find me so once he did he smiled and of course got a smile in return and a thumbs up then he got back to the game! It was so cute!

Madison and Isaac both did swimming lessons this year also. It lasted for 2 weeks and was fun for them and Hannah and I. They were at an outdoor pool and the weather was perfect nearly every day. I was unable to get them both in the same class so their lessons were 1 hour apart. It worked out well, I packed us all a lunch and lounged by the pool with my book for a couple hours each day! What a life :-) They both LOVED their teachers and everything about swimming lessons. Madison learned alot on her front crawl and did awesome swimming underwater. She was very proud of the fact that she got to be the example for the whole class on how to swim underwater correctly :-) Brock happened to be there watching for that day so she was BEAMING.
Isaac LOVED dunking under water. He was so proud of himself and would have spent the whole time doing it. If I ever caught his eye, he was immediately underwater. It got to the point where I had to purposely avoid eye contact just so he would pay attention to his teacher instead of dunk underwater :-)
It was fun to have so many options for the kids to do and I enjoyed getting out and seeing new places and people :-) If possible, we will definately do it all again next summer.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Gaining Knowledge

What better place to learn than the museum. Isaac was grandpa's personal guide, bringing him through the museum at rapid speed and filling him in on all there was to know about dinosaurs :-)

Old farm equipment is always fun to "ride"

Old fashion toys are even more fun. If you can dress up in the clothes AND play with the toys that takes it up a notch :-)

Now it is the "boys" turn to play with the toys. All three of them seem to be concentrating quite hard :-)

Friday, August 28, 2009

Reelin' Em In

We spent the afternoon fishing along the river. It was a perfect day - sunny but a nice breeze. Contrary to the title of this post, we didn't reel one single fish in! Oh well, we had lots of fun and of course lots of good pics :-)
Grandpa helping the kids get set up. Hannah fell asleep and stayed sleeping through most of the adventure. She needed her sleep so that was great.

Now they are experts, no help needed! :-)

OK, I guess they do still need a little help spotting the perfect spots

These pictures crack me up. Madison had caught a couple grasshoppers in our field and wanted to use them for bait. Her facial expressions were hilarious as she watched grandpa put it on the hook. She got a couple bites on them but no fish

Later that evening, we took the kids to the pond by our house to try again. Hannah had a blast and loved fishing! Brock gave her his ice fishing pole and it was perfect for her :-)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A visit from Grandpa

A couple weeks ago Brock's dad came from Wisconsin for a visit. We had so much fun with him. The kids were glued to his side - especially Isaac. It was cute!

One day we drove up one of the mountains to a reservoir and went kayaking. The forcast showed rain in the afternoon so we were determined to beat it.
We all took turns in the canoe and the kayaks. I was really bad at paddling the canoe (I was doing it "alone" with Madison and Isaac in the canoe with me) so I prefered the kayak :-) The weather wasn't too bad. There were times where it was pretty cool, but plenty of time where we took our jackets off.

Brock and I both in the canoe with Hannah and Isaac was much smoother sailing :-) He did most of the work and I relaxed.
I suppose none of my weaving back and forth had anything to do with the fact that I was taking pictures too . I am sure not :-)
Our little explorors had to check out the island :-)
We had such a fun day out on the lake and timed the weather perfect. We had a light rain on the way in but it was sunny enough that it wasn't cold. However, just as we were pulling out of the parking lot it poured and HAILED! The hail was marble size - Yikes that would have hurt! God planned our day perfectly :-)

Wordless Wednesday

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Monday, August 24, 2009

Soaking up the Sun

Saturday was such a beautiful day - the sun was shining bright and it was so clear. We decided to surprise the kids with a day at the lake. Grandpa and grandma came along too and we all rode ATV's up. We parked on the highway and enjoyed a leisure, scenic, 7 mile drive instead of a slow, bumpy, often way too close to the drop off edge ride. Just the ride itself was a blast not to mention the beautiful lake and scenery :-)
The lake is quite small and has a trail around it so we made our way around stopping to pick huckleberries (!!!), swim, play or just relax in the sun. We picked enough huckleberries to mix them with blueberries and make muffins yesterday! I haven't had huckleberries since living in Idaho and they were just as tasty as I remember but way smaller! Either I forgot their size or they are smaller around here. Hmmm . . . . I guess I will have to take a trip to Idaho and find out for myself - all in the name of science of course :-)
One of our many stops had a rope swing that was alot of fun. Madison wanted to jump into the water but the rope was short enough that if you didn't let go at just the right time you would really get hurt - so she just swung for fun.
Me, on the other hand, had no desire to drop into the water. It was COLD!! I was there to enjoy the ride only :-) Brock of course flew right in time after time. He kept trying to get a higher start each time.
The "kids" spent a lot of time making a raft! Brock was continually going for more logs to make it better. I am surprised he didn't jump on it himself - or kick the kids off so he could go for a solo ride :-) It was really fun for all of them - especially Isaac, he was the only one who stayed focused on it continually :-)
Madison was easily sidetracked from raft making by all the little critters. She had a huge ladybug, a moth and a dragonfly all in her custody.
Isaac was sure this log would hold him up :-)
Madison dunked under the water and I could feel her pain!! The water was so cold - all she could do was grab her head!! Then of course she played it up a bit and had us worried for a second :-)

Some Montana wildflowers for YOU!!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cousins Galore

After spending time with their cousin Finn the kids got to spend a couple days with their cousins in ND. Nothing seems to compare to endless hours with cousins! A quick reminder for those who have trouble following my ever expanding family :-) I have 5 sister and 3 brothers. In order they are - Cori (lives in Alabama with Grayson and their 4 kids - Kate, Jack, Mary and Jude), Bekah (lives in ND with Dale and their 4 girls - Abby, Ruby, Violet and Georgia) then it is me. Next is Nicole (lives in WY with Shane and their kids - Bailey, Liam, Maggie and Brogan), Levi (lives in ND with Rachel and their kids - Chloe, Eli, Lia and Judah) Jesse (lives in WA - soon to be ND - with Julie and their 2 boys - Ira and Simon), Laura (lives in ND with Joey and their kids - Lily, Kiaran, Lyrik and Aiden) and next is David and Karmen who are both unmarried. So . . . got it? :-) Now that my brother Jesse will be in ND soon I can visit most of my family in one stop - WOW that hasn't happened in ages!
Eli, Isaac and Kiaran
Hannah and Lyrik. They were interested in each other but didn't play much - I am sure they will soon.
Chloe, Abby and Madison holding Karmen's new puppy Eloise.
Abby (holding their puppy Clara), Madison (and Eloise), Lily and Chloe
Hannah holding her newest cousin, Aiden (this is in June - as of July she had a newer one) :-)

Friday, August 21, 2009

More Fun with Finn

We had fun at a new park that recently opened.

Finn was in need of a haircut so Brock was nominated to do the job :-) Finn was quite apprehensive at first but warmed up in no time. What a little cutie he is - of course he is cute with or without his hair cut!

Isaac and his little buddy. They are so cute together - and have lots of fun playing. They are almost twins today - identical hair cuts and all.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Today marks 4 weeks of owning our house. We spent the first week moving in and the next 3 getting unpacked. We are mostly settled except a few boxes, some decorations and the garage. We are so thankful that God opened the door for us to buy this house and we love everything about it - the house, the location and the neighborhood! I took pictures of the main level yesterday so thought I would share them :-)

The front entry - the door on the right leads to the garage and the other two are an entry closet and guest room/office

The guest room/office

The living room

The dining room

From the back of the house
The kitchen. I love all the space! I got spoiled with a big kitchen in Roseau and am so thankful to have one again :-)

We love being out here on the deck! Whenever possible we play out here, eat out here or just sit out here and relax
One of these days we will get a table on the patio :-)

When we left our house in Roseau, I didn't think I would find one I loved as much. God has given us more than we expected in many ways since moving here and this house is definately one of them. One of the added blessings is an 8 year old girl - Gabby - right next door! The move has been hardest on Madison and having a friend right next door has been amazing for her. They hit it off right away and are so similiar. They play, play and play! They are great at including Isaac and Hannah too, which is nice for me and them :-)
I will show you upstairs next - or you can just come visit us and see it for yourself :-)