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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Learning is FUN

One of Madison's favorite subjects in school is history. She loves learning how different cultures lived, seeing what they wore, reading about what they did for fun, school etc. The book we are doing has so many projects and it has been fun for all of us to take part. Today we read about the beauty patches that some Europeans wore (originally to mask scars or blemishes on the face). Madison made one for herself and Isaac - of course hers was a horse :-) It stayed on most of the day, which surprised me. This is the same book they used to transform themselves into European royalty.
Taking a break to have a treat and take their playmobil people for a swim :-)
Madison has always been very resourceful. She comes up with clever solutions for any problem she faces. It is cute to see. Today was no different. She couldn't get the plug to stay in the sink so, as you can see, she found a quick, easy solution. What a smart little cookie she is :-)

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Greta Marie said...

Very cool-It's cool to see how interactive their learning is and how much more fun it can be!