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Friday, March 13, 2009

Flashback Friday

Nearly 2 years ago (May 2007) Brock and I took a last minute trip to Ecuador. Greta, our very very dear friend was graduating from Covenant Bible College. We really wanted to go but once we knew we were having another baby in May we dismissed the idea as impossible. As the day drew nearer we still longed to go but continued to think, "oh well maybe another time". Two weeks before departure we decided to see if we could get it to work. Knowing that there were SEVERAL steps that needed to fall perfectly in place. First of all the only reason we even considered going with me being 37 weeks pregnant was because my doctor and his wife were going also. It would be the four of us and Greta's parents who we also love hanging out with. We felt like it was a chance of a lifetime - a trip to another country with 4 close friends! We had four big hurdles to jump: 1. family member to stay with the kids (the only way we would feel comfortable leaving them for the 1st time ever), 2. getting on the same flight as my doctor (they already had their tickets and I would have been WAY too nervous not to be with him), 3. getting an airline that didn't have restrictions on pregnant (very pregnant) people flying and 4. getting our passports in time. Brock's mom quickly agreed to fly over and watch the kids (Madison was 6 and Isaac 2). Also, the airline our friends had tickets on just happened to be the only airline without restrictions on pregnant passengers and their were seats on the exact flight both coming and going! Last, we expedited our passports and got them 2 days before leaving! It was a stressful wait but we felt like God had allowed the other steps to fall into place and this one would be no different. We had an AMAZING time. It was great to see Greta, so fun to hang out with Bob, Barb, Val and Sheldon and most of all awesome to be with Brock alone (well alone except for the moving, kicking baby inside) for an entire week! I think we really needed that time to grow stronger in our marriage before venturing into the next year and a half which was filled with a lot of change (new baby, selling business, new job, moving and most of all tons of spiritual lessons and growth)

Outside our hotel with Val and SheldonThe whole gang: Bob, Barb, Ingrid (Greta's sister that flew from CA), Val, Greta, Sheldon, me and BrockBob and Barb and Brock and I went on many walks (when the others were busy with graduation festivities) The elevation (nearly 10,000 feet) was a bit of an adjustment but overall not too bad. We loved the landscape, scenery and the simplicity that surrounded us. We were not in a tourist area but not in real poverty either. We loved it and long to go back some day!Wow, look at that BELLY!!!
Enjoying delicious shakes!!
Lounging at our awesome hotel. The grounds were amazing, flowers, trees, paths, rock fireplace and hot tub etc. It was only $10 per night plus $3 each for breakfast. Can you imagine spending $16 a night in the US!! They use US dollars there so that was easy. The trip as a whole was very inexpensive (even the flights)
For more pictures of our Ecuador trip click here


The Outdoor Gang said...

Oh my goodness . . . awesome pictures!! Sounds like a really neat experience and to such a beautiful place for a WHOLE week just you and Brock! Kind of a "babymoon" you could say :)!

Karmen said...

that was such a cool experience I'm sure! I guess if I ever want a cheap vacation to a foreign country I know where to go! :)

Greta Marie said...

It was one of the biggest blessings to have you guys there-seriously! What stories you'll have to share with Hannah some day too! :) (Remember the airport on the way home?!...I thought you would be stuck in Ecuador until giving birth!)

Coriander said...

What fun! I would love to go to Equador! This is a great idea- Flashing back. I'll have to start it.