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Monday, March 2, 2009

Closer . . . . Is ALWAYS better

When Brock and I were first married and living in Mankato, MN we had the pleasure of having family nearby. We were about 2 hours from both of Brock's parents and 1 1/2 hours from my sister, Bekah. Once we moved to Roseau, MN the closest family was 7 hours away. For a short time I got to live by Bekah yet again when she and her family lived in Roseau for about 7 months. However, for the last 7 years we have been 7 hours from any family. Now, we are only 4 hours from my sister Nicole and it is AWESOME! I love actually being face to face with a sister (instead of through the phone or internet like we all usually are), the kids LOVE having cousins to play with, we love being around our nieces and nephews and love that our kids can be around their aunt and uncle. Since moving to MT we have been there twice and once the weather improves I am sure we will go more often :-)

Bailey (11), Liam (8) and Maggie (6)

All their kids love being around Hannah. It is cute to see how much they love babies and how great they are with them. Maggie loved making Hannah laugh. When Hannah said "Maggie", she was completely thrilled!A word to the "mullet nazi" Bekah, it is the static of the couch mixed with the shadow on the couch that is making Hannah have a major mullet. So cool your jets, put your scissor away and get back out of your car! On second thought, if that is how I can get you to come visit I take that back - Hannah NEEDS HELP! Come quick and fix her MULLET - she will thank you later (as Isaac and Madison did, or will someday when they realize what you rescued them from)

All 5 of the kids slept on a bunk bed cot. It was great (we will definately be buying one for ourselves). We all love their dog Nala, she is such a nice dog and as you can see a very BIG dog. Liam and Isaac all snuggled up - Maggie was at the bottom of their cot sleeping the opposite way. Me braiding Maggie's hair - she wanted 6 french braids because she was almost 6!Liam played a few tunes for us on his new electric guitar. He did a great job! He and Brock had fun looking at his new book - The Guiness Book of World Records. Wow, Liam is not only a rock star but a handsome cowboy too :-)
Shane doing his famous trick with Gage, my cousin Cameo's baby. Isn't he a cutie?
And of course, a gathering isn't complete without a little competition!


bekahe said...

If the weather wasn't so crazy, I'd be on my way, scissors in hand! Although I rescued her from her mullet the last time you were here!

Amber said...

Yes, you have definately rescued her once already and she is quickly approaching the need for another "mullet intervention"

Karmen said...

the pictures capture the fun well :)
I can imagine it's been reallly nice living so close!

Coriander said...

Looks like fun! I am so sad to not live closer! Which reminds me that you forgot that I lived relatively close while you were in Mankato too! ;-) LOL about the mullet!!

Ashley said...

These are such fun pictures. I am so glad that you are closer to family. You really don't appreciate how much you have until it is gone. I just visited some of my family last weekend in Utah and it sure made me miss them being closer! :)