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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Surrounded by BEAUTY!

(I am still really behind on posting - this is from January)
After church on Sunday we went on a hike up Hyalite Canyon. We wanted Rachel to experience the mountains up close and personal. We intended to hike to Palisade Falls but the road was not plowed. Thus, we went further up the mountain (as far as we could drive) to Hyalite Creek Trailhead. It was a beautiful day, sunny, slightly cold but perfect for a hike. We didn't have a definate route - but quickly found a trail that headed up. We met some hikers coming down that said there were ice climbers at the top. We were all game, except me. It was very steep and icy and I was concerned that it would be too hard with Hannah on my back. However, I wasn't about to be the party pooper so we continued on. Brock kept telling me we could turn around whenever but it was going okay. I began to worry about getting back down but decided to worry about that later :-) Brock had Isaac on his shoulders most of the time, although he did walk a little toward the top and most of the way down. It was good for Isaac to hike some on his own because he was very proud of his hiking abilities and talked about it for days! :-)

One of the things I love about this part of Montana is the abundance of mountains with trees and rocks. Growing up in northern Idaho I saw tons of tree covered mountains but not as many exposed, rocky sections. Here, I get to see a perfect combination of both.

Once we crossed this stream we headed up, up and away!


Karmen said...

such pretty scenery! reminds me of lion's ridge.
looks like it was a very fun & relaxing hike.

Greta Marie said...

These are so great! What an experience, and to think that you can go there anytime you want! I'm glad Rachel was able to come out and see it, too.

Coriander said...

Wow! It looks so amazing! I bet you are just so happy to be back in the mountains! Lucky you!!