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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

11 Months

Our sweet little baby is fast becoming a sweet little girl. YIKES - the time is flying. I can't believe she is almost a year old! Another busy month has flown by and the little lady now weighs 15 lb 9 oz. - a wopping 4 oz increase :-) At least its an increase so we are happy (and as you can see she is as well)
She wanted to show everyone her newest addition - top tooth number 1.
Although she is a tiny little thing - she thinks she is big. She chases the kids all over the place, tries to cruise up the stairs at the first turned back, gets toys out of the toy box to play with, climbs into anything she can find (boxes, baby seats, bathtubs etc) and onto anything around, she isn't walking on her own but "walks", crawls or army crawls everywhere. She is always on the move.
She babbles alot and repeats sounds she hears. She loves to copy the kids and especially loves to make them laugh. She growls all the time and keeps doing it as long as they keep laughing.
This little cutie has won us all over - her big blue eyes and sweet smile gets us all the time
The many faces of Audrey Elizabeth
Her hair is growing and getting lighter and lighter. Time will tell if it is the sun or her true color.
See you in a month little lady with all your new tricks!