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Monday, November 29, 2010

Catching Up

I have been busy with a growing little baby, a sweet (and stubborn) three year old, two smart students and of course a hard working handsome hubby. Naturally, blogging has been pushed to the side so I have some catching up to do.

I can't believe she is nearly 3 months!!! It seems she changes daily. One thing remains the same - she is still CUTE AS CAN BE (okay maybe I am biased) :-)
Our little dolly is getting so BIG. She is so smiley and happy and growing right out of her NB clothes. I am sure she will be laughing any day now.
Madison loves to talk to Audrey, get her to smile and especially loves to take videos and pictures of her. It is so cute to see how she (and all the kids) love her!
She seems to sprout new hairs daily and her fuzzy little head is too cute! She is starting to wear 3-6 month clothes - so fun to see her in "big girl" clothes :-)
Brock watching (or sleeping through) a movie with all the kids :-)
Hannah usually does a good job of dressing herself. However, every once in a while she is quite a site!
Madison and her friend Gabi (who lives next door and is 2 weeks older than her) have such fun playing together. They looked so nice in their fancy dresses I had to take a picture!
Unfortunately, this is no longer our view. Thankfully, our view is still beautiful despite being blanketed in white. We have quite a bit of snow and the kids have enjoyed sledding, skiing and playing in it. It has also been VERY cold - which I haven't enjoyed at all :-)
My SUPER kids are getting ready to FLY!
The kids were pretty excited to all have SUPERMAN shirts! My friend Rachel hands down her son and daughter's clothes to Isaac and Hannah so they got their shirts from her. I found Madison's at the thrift store. Now, if I could only find one for Audrey :-)
Even without her SUPERMAN shirt - we still think she is SUPER!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

2 Months

Our little princess is growing so fast. Look how much she has changed!
Her cute little belly is growing bigger and bigger (as are her cheeks)
She has now sailed over the 10 lb mark!
She entertains us with her expressions (look how she and Hannah are staring at each other - so funny) and all her "talking". She carries on a "conversation" with anyone who will listen :-)
I LOVE watching the kids interact with Audrey. Watching them pour out there love on her is the sweetest thing! I always knew siblings were the greatest gift my parents gave to me but it is so fun to watch it and see it from another perspective.
She smiles so big her whole body gets involved! I am sure it won't be long before her voice joins in and she will be laughing like crazy.
Love Love Love . . . . I couldn't say it enough. We are so in love with her. I can't believe we wondered if our family was complete at 3 kids!!!! I am so glad that God knew otherwise!

Friday, November 5, 2010

I NEED . . . . .

To kiss these cute little lips
To rub this fuzzy little head
To hold this sweet little hand
To gaze into these intense little eyes
What else do I NEED?
All this to care for the little cutie each night.
As I prepared to change the sheets the other day, this is what I found. It cracked me up so I had to take a picture. It is such a perfect representation of what is required to make it through the night with an infant:
1. A HUGE assortment of pacifiers - you know just in case you lose one in the night
2. A stack of burp rags - not just to contain the spit up Audrey loses but for all the milk I lose during each feeding
3. Vicks to spread on her clothes because she is continually stuffed up
4. A good Amish book to read when she is wide awake
5. A diaper for the inevitable half asleep diaper change
6. Pillow to prop up the little lady
7. Water for the ever parched throat
8. Lamp to turn on and annoy hubby who is trying to sleep in the midst of it all

By the way - this picture is not staged, it is truly what I had at the top of my bed (and have nightly except the million pacifiers - not sure why there were so many this particular night)

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Girls

Hannah got some roller skates at the thrift store and was anxious to try them out. Despite much effort from Madison and myself she couldn't get the hang of it. I thought because there were four wheels and a front stop it would be easy for her. Boy was I wrong. Hello, did I forget they still roll like crazy and need to be controlled at all times :-) Oh well - maybe next summer :-)
Hannah still had lots of fun. She also thinks her skates are pretty cool - whether she uses them or not :-)
What a cutie!!
Audrey and her chubby little cheeks crack me up.
My mom made her hat & blanket and they are perfect for her. So cute!She is a little talker now. She loves to be talked to and loves to respond with her own two cents :-)
Madison is so sweet with her littlest sister. She adores her & is still thrilled to hold her & take care of her
Madison wanted to "weigh" Audrey on this old scale. She was so cute talking to her and trying to get her to smile. Audrey, however, wasn't going for it :-)

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Big Day

Two nights ago Isaac lost his first tooth and last night he lost his second. He was so excited to lose two teeth in two days! The tooth fairy thought it was pretty cool too and gave him extra money and a note :-)

I am glad Brock likes to pull teeth because I don't know if I could do it. Something about feeling the roots ripping gets to me :-)
Yeah Isaac - good job tough boy!
Giving me a tough guy look to go with his bloody mouth
Pretty excited boy! Yes I realize his shirt and pants are on backwards but according to Isaac last night was backwards night :-)

Fireside Bath

Nothing but the best for the little princess of the house :-) Bath time for Audrey is an exciting event for the kids. They all want to help and they stay busy oohing and ahhhing over her.This mornings bath was no exception.
Audrey loves her baths or maybe it is all the attention she loves :-)
Everyone wants to have a "job" at bath time. As you can see, Madison is taking her hair washing job very seriously.
Our smiling little girl is a LOVED little girl!
Hannah gets to help with washing Audrey's hair (under the watchful eye of Madison of course - I love how she has her hand right there ready to intervene if necessary)
Isaac keeps her warm with the "water pouring" job

Warm bath by the fire, many attendants to meet her every need, what more could a princess want

Monday, November 1, 2010

Funny Girl

Hannah came into the kitchen to ask me if she could watch Benji. I was busy and answered her without looking at her and then patted her on the head. As you can imagine this led to a scream - I was NOT expecting to feel a full head of rough, scratchy hair :-) She was just acting totally normal, like having this hair was nothing out of the ordinary. She is such a funny girl!
She thinks she is pretty funny too!
She has gotten into posing real dramatically for pictures. It seems each time I pull out the camera she does some exaggerated pose. Now in addition to saying, "normal smile" I have to say "stand normal" :-)