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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beauty in the Sky

After seeing Cori's rainbow post I decided to share my rainbow pictures. I was returning from WY after a visit to my sister Nicole and her family and was almost home when I saw this double rainbow. It was a full rainbow too and SO bright! The pictures do not do it justice at all. We could see all the colors in one of the rainbows - it was BEAUTIFUL.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our Funny Girl

Hannah keeps us laughing with her funny expressions. She amazes us with her talking ability. She cracks us up with her creative play. She keeps us in awe of HIM who loves us even more than we love her.

Madison dressed her up in her shirt so it would be like a dress.

She was running around the house yelling "yyyyooohhh Yyyooohhh" to her "horse".

Monday, July 20, 2009

Trusting Him

As soon as we knew we were leaving MN and heading to MT we began praying for the transition, particularly for Madison. She has two passions - drawing and horses. In Roseau, God had provided two people/places for her to have art and riding lessons. We didn't seek this out for her, it just "happened". God is so good like that! Anyways, not only did she enjoy these lessons, she really loved her teachers. We knew it would be hard for her to leave them and the lessons behind. Once again, God has provided above and beyond what we could have expected here in MT. Through a neighbor of Brock's mom's we found a place for her to take lessons that has been awesome. She gets individual attention, a horse and a teacher that she really likes and the opportunity to use the horse she rides in 4H! We are thrilled about this additional perk and know she will LOVE doing the horse program in 4H. In addition to this, Madison's lesson just happens to be right before her new friends lesson and they get to do their cool down/warm up together. Madison has longed to ride casually with a friend here :-) The way God works out details is always amazing. We are so thankful to be in His loving care!!

Madison and Barney

Madison riding with Samantha and Sadie

Hannah and Isaac also enjoy the lessons because they get to play, play, play in the sand :-)

Delight yourself in the LORD, and He will give you the desires of your heart.
Psalm 37:4

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What was that????

Oh, you said you don't let your kids play on your bed. Well . . .
. . . I do and their laughter and the fun they have is worth it all - even if I have to remake my bed :-)

Can't you just hear the laughter?

Monday, July 13, 2009

Proof Positive . . .

. . . . that kids TELL IT LIKE IT IS!
Madison had her guitar out and was making up songs and singing away. I was half listening until something caught my attention. I had to ask her to repeat it (and I frantically wrote it down word for word like a true scrapbooker). Here is what she was singing.

"I love mom, she's a great mom, she yells a little bit every once in a while but she' s still a good mom, I love mom"

I couldn't help laughing (out of her view of course) and then told her what a nice job she did. She acted a tad embarassed and said, "well it is true"

Love her innocent honesty!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

North Dakota Fun

We were lucky to get an opportunity to visit my family in North Dakota in May. It is always fun to see everyone. While there we get to see 3 sisters, 1 sister in law, 2 brothers, my parents and 12 nieces and nephews! No wonder we all have a blast! To keep the kids straight I color coded - Bekah and Dale, Laura and Joey, and Levi and Rachel.

Lyrik was slow to warm up to me (in fact she never did) :-) The bottom picture is so funny because that was a common look for her - a point and a scowl. I knew she was saying, "you better not ever try to pick me up again or I will hit you again!!" Hannah didn't know what to think of her fiesty cousin and Georgia was oblivious to it all.

So fun to hang out with a close age cousin! Madison and Abby and Isaac and Kiaran (they are each 3 months apart)
Good old Uncle Dale taking the kids in the hot tub. They anxiously waited for this exciting event. Abby informed all the excited cousins that her dad never breaks his promises so they would be going in the hot tub FOR SURE. Cute! Violet, Dale, Lily, Abby, Isaac, Ruby, Kiaran and Madison (in the middle)

Lia, Eli, Isaac, Ruby, Abby & Georgia, Madison, Chloe, Hannah and Violet

We had awesome weather and the kids played outside ALL the time! Left to Right (Back), Chloe, Madison, Abby (Front) Lia, Lily, Violet and Ruby

The inside crew: Violet (actually she plays both sides - in/out, in/out, out/in), Georgia, Hannah and Lyrik

While we were there the kids had a Missionettes Awards Program. Lily, Madison, Abby and Hannah.

Park Fun

We had a fun time at the park - enjoying the beautiful weather and each other. I will use the same colors for the kids - Bekah's and Laura's. From the bottom to the top: Violet, Kiaran, Isaac, Ruby, Abby and Madison

A glimpse of the fun

Isaac, Ruby, Madison and Abby
Lyrik and Abby. Abby was a big helper with Lyrik - taking her on the slide, the merry-go-round, the swings and the teeter totter.Nothing like Momma!!! Bekah and Georgia and Laura (and her 39 week belly) and Lyrik.The three musketeers - Kiaran, Isaac and Ruby. They play very well together, not too much fighting or tattling (which can often been the "play" of choice when all the kids get together)
Violet, Georgia and Lyrik looking cute as usual
Hannah enjoying the beautiful blue sky and the green green grass from the comforts of her swing
Our two big helpers - Madison and Abby. They took care of Hannah and Lyrik a lot and took them on all the toys!
Two little munchkins - Lyrik and Hannah. They are 7 months apart and were just starting to play together.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Back in the Day . . . .

. . . . when stagecoaches were the mode of transportation
. . . . when cowboys were the norm and horses ran free

Although I am thankful for the time in history that God has placed me in, it would still be fun to have lived in those days :-) We were able to get a little glimpse of life one Saturday in a neighboring town. The horses are being transferred from their winter location which provided many an opportunity to witness a "wild herd" of horses. The horses were beautiful and such a variety of colors. It was fun to watch but ended much to quickly :-)

We walked to the nearby field where the horses were taken and enjoyed watching them

I am continually in awe of what beautiful creatures horses are!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Impromptu Concert

The kids decided to perform for Brock and I one day. They had several songs prepared and instruments, a "stage", a backdrop and even a spotlight. It was very cute!

Singing and dancing away. The verses to the finale were "Mommy takes good care of me she helps me work and play, mommy takes good care of me - thank you I say" then it was "Daddy takes good care of me he helps me work and play daddy takes good care of me thank you I say"

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