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Thursday, March 5, 2009

Coffee, anyone?

Hannah talks non stop. Not only does she copy anything being said but she also starts her own conversations, responds to our questions, interupts our conversations with her own two cents, and continually makes requests for what she would like us to do for her. She pays attention to Brock's routine and is always aware of what he is doing. If she hears jingling keys, the door open, or a loud truck she quickly says, "daddy home". If he gets his shoes or coat on she says, "daddy work". When he is ready to leave she is quick to tell him goodbye and give her hugs and kisses. Today as he was finishing up breakfast she kept saying, "coffee" (sounded more like copy) but we quickly knew what she was saying. She notices that he always makes himself a coffee before he leaves and so she was anticipating that. It is so cute to have her interacting with us on a whole new level :-)

Hannah has seen us work the coffee machine enough times to have it all figured out :-)


Ashley said...

Now that is just too cute! She is way too smart for her own good. I was shocked to see her putting the cup under the spout and everything! You sure do have some amazingly smart children!

I promise I will put photos of the house up now that we have pretty much finished the inside and the fence is supposed to be finised this weekend. :)

Greta Marie said...

That's right-teach 'em young. :)

theora's thoughts said...

Wow! Dad would say " Your rasing her right!" So cute!

Coriander said...

So adorable! That is just great!!