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Sunday, March 15, 2009

More WY Fun!

A few more pics from our weekend in Wyoming at my sisters

Bailey and I spent many hours doing hair. She was busy doing Madison's and I was busy doing hers. She really wanted to have her hair cornrowed so I set out on a youtube mission. I watched many videos and finally got it figured out. The videos made it look a lot harder than it was. It was pretty easy to get the hang of it. I definately wasn't able to do nice small ones rows but hey it was my first time :-) Bailey said her head ached; therefore, she wasn't real eager for me to try again :-) After Bailey's experience (the pain and the time it took), Madison quickly said she didn't want hers done! :-)
Maggie and Isaac were working their MD magic on Liam - their very "sick" patient.
Liam is playing the part well - he looks pretty rough :-)
Nala the giant Great Dane! What a nice dog she is :-)

All tired out from lots and lots of FUN!!


Karmen said...

the corn rows look really good! thats cool you figured it out by watching youtube, they have everything on there! The last picture is so cute.

Greta Marie said...

Nice work on the corn rows! It looks like these cousins all get along really well-what a blessing family is.

Coriander said...

Great pictures! Love the hair! Nala is HUGE! Glad you can all have fun together!