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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Sunday Stroll

Another perk to living in MT is being surrounded by places to hike, walk, stroll or whatever you feel like. Most places are anywhere from a couple miles to 30 miles away so it doesn't require a whole day. We bought a book filled with the hikes around the area and started planning the order of attack. We started out nice and easy and did a short hike and then a stroll around a nearby pond.
It was perfect, Hannah napped on my back and the kids released their energy running all over the trail :-) They both took turns leading the way and thought that was really fun.
There was a creek nearby that, of course, had to be investigated. :-) The ducks from the pond even walked over and took a swim. I guess they were tired of the pond's slow pace, or maybe they were seeing what these crazy kids were up to :-)


The Outdoor Gang said...

Awesome pictures Amber! We spent the afternoon doing the same thing, we took a long hike up in the hills and it was so refreshing to be surrounded by the beautiful tall trees, to see all of the wild animals poking their heads out in anticipation of spring and to feel the cool breeze. God sure gave us some beautiful places to enjoy!

Coriander said...

good pictures! Looks like Spring is creeping up!