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Monday, March 2, 2009

Our First MN Visitor

My friend Rachel came to visit for almost a week. It was so nice to have her and great to have a little bit of "home" here in MT :-) We shopped, scrapbooked, went out to eat, went for a hike, on walks, watched movies at home, went to a movie at the theatre and hung out around the house. The time flew by and we were all sad to say goodbye!

One of our dinners out was MacKenzie River Pizza Co. - it was very delicious!

Isaac loved the peanut butter and honey pizza! I should have tried it because it doesn't even sound remotely good, but maybe it was :-)
Isaac is always goofing around and being funny whether we are at home or out and about. He was acting like he was going to eat Madison's hand because she had some peanut butter on it. I suppose if its good on pizza it must be good on hands too! :-)

Sweet little Hannah. She was sitting so cute that I couldn't resist taking lots of pictures of her - and she never moved. I don't know if she was tired, bored or liked getting her picture taken. My new camera has several editing features right on it so I was messing around with them. The top picture I enhanced the blue and the bottom picture I didn't do anything with. It is amazing how much bluer her eyes look when enhanced!
Heading back to the car. We were going to walk around downtown but it was pretty chilly.


Karmen said...

That's so cool she came to visit! Bet that was tons of fun. the pictures of Hannah are so cute!

Coriander said...

Looks like fun! That pic of Brock & you reminded me of going out to eat with you in Mankato!

Greta Marie said...

all of them are great pictures! I can't wait to see the camera one day. :) I love that picture of Isaac and the one of you and Brock (all of them really). Remember to keep taking pictures of you guys, too! :)