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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Always Something

With Isaac in the house we are always laughing at something. Here are a couple funny things he has said lately.

This morning as I was hurrying to get the garbage out he said "Hurry up big mama" (you will have to read yesterday's post to understand where that comes from). I think I will have to let him know sooner rather than later that I (and all girls/women he meets) prefer not to be called "big Mama" :-)Isaac loves to work with Brock on anything. He feels so important just being there to "help" and especially loves to have a job of his own. He went to the shop with Brock to work on their bikes and he had the "very important" job of tightening all the screws and cleaning up the spots where stickers would go. He was in his glory! Although he was baffled that "none of the screws needed tightening", he still felt like his checking them was of utmost importance. It is so cute. When I asked him what he was doing at the shop he said casually "oh just wrenchin". I am sure he has heard Brock say that (definately not part of my vocabulary - I don't even know what it means!) and feels important just using the same word as daddy! :-)

I took the kids to a park that Madison had been to when we were here visiting several years ago. Madison was talking about how cool it was that she had been there so long ago. Isaac piped in, "Yeah, and God didn't make me yet, I was still up in Heaven"


The Outdoor Gang said...

What a sweet heart! His smile is infectious!

Karmen said...

So sweet. i love the last one.

Greta Marie said...

Isaac, Isaac, Isaac...what a crack up! :)

Coriander said...

so cute! Funny guy!

Erika said...

"just wrenchin'"
That gave me a good laugh. Cute!