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Monday, February 2, 2009

Homeschooling my CREATIVE kids!

One of the many things I love about homeschooling is the flexibility to do lots and lots of hands on projects. A book I am doing with Madison right now (and loving) is called Living Long Ago: Everyday Life Through the Ages. It has been so fun for all of us. Due to the fact that the curriculum I use is literature based, Isaac happily learns along side Madison as I read countless stories per week. If there is a project to do, they both do it. This particular book has a fun projects for each day. The section we are doing right now is about the clothes and fashion for different time periods. The favorites so far have been making an Egyptian collar, medieval pouch and a ruff. I couldn't resist taking a pictures of their project from today, making a ruff. I helped them with the ruff and then they wanted to add some clothes to "fit". I didn't realize just how decked out they would get! I will show you what I read to them (click on it to see it better) and let you see for yourself what they did from there :-) If you, like myself, have no idea what a ruff is - you will soon find out :-)

If only they lived 400-500 years ago - boy would they be cool!

Madison was so creative in getting Isaac's attire to look puffed out and authentic. She has several scarves wrapped around him, next she put her skirt over that and then a big rubber band at the top of his thighs with the skirt tucked into it.
They even took the time to see just how they should pose - from looking at the book. I am sure this "school lesson" will last with them for a long time (it definately will for me) :-)


Karmen said...

so cute! I love their prim and proper expressions :) Madison's hair is getting so dark!

The Outdoor Gang said...

Awesome pictures! I'm sure Issac will love these pulled out at his high school graduation. They are so creative and did a great job!

Greta Marie said...

So creative! You are a great teacher and mom. I have this class this semester call Foundation of Literacy (basically learning how to teach kids to read). The best thing you can do is read to your kids starting from good job!