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Monday, May 4, 2009

Yeah Craft Time!

The kids loved doing different craft projects. The favorite one was bean art. I did it with Madison and Abby while the other kids slept. We had seen some at the Children's Museum so decided to try it ourselves. The girls each drew a picture first then filled it in with all different sorts of dried beans. I didn't have split peas on hand so had to use some food coloring and rice to get green "beans" and did the same for yellow ones.
Abby was very precise and orderly. I kept telling her just to put the glue on then drop the beans. I even showed her how you can make them real nice and neat once you drop them on. Nope, she wasn't up for that - she wanted to do one bean at a time :-) I was completely the same way but lack of time and needing to be quicker at tasks has gotten me away from that to some degree. So, I decided speed was of lesser importance and if someday she needed to try to conquer this habit she would :-)
Madison was working on a horse . . . of course :-)

The finished results. Just as the girls were heading back to ND I realized I hadn't gotten a picture of their works of art. I had already put saran wrap on Abby's for safe travel and didn't feel like taking it off :-)
Now it is Ruby's turn for a craft. She is making a placemat. It is so funny to see her little tongue sticking out and she is deep in concentration! That must be a habit of hers.


Karmen said...

the bean art is so cool. Abby was excited to give me the panda she made - it is in my room waiting to go up on the wall :)

The Outdoor Gang said...

Wow! Those materpieces are awesome! As much as I love scrapbooking, I'm just like little Abby and have to be very precise :)! It would take me years to finish 1 album! Cayel is turning into a little cowboy so if Madison decides to take up a new profession (bean art), we would love a horse materpiece for our house :)!

Theora said...

How clever! I love them all! What good little artists!