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Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Creature of Habit

Hannah is very routine oriented. She loves order and remembers the order things should be (according to her at least). The last few days have been tough for her. We have been in MN packing up the last of our stuff and visiting alot. She is grasping for ORDER and finding it hard to get. Like Hannah, I am anxiuos to get back to the routines of life. We have been away from Brock for a week and we miss him. We leave MN today and make the long, meandering journey home (making two stops along the way - one in MN and another in ND)
Hannah was being extra sweet yesterday (hard to come by the last few days so I made sure to capture it!). We were at Madison's riding lesson and it was beautiful outside. She enjoyed running all over the place :-)

Pointing to Madison riding Rogue

Sweet little Hannah (well . . . . usually sweet)

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Coriander said...

So cute! She is really growing up!