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Saturday, May 23, 2009

11 Years Ago

It seems amazing that we have been married for 11 years already!! It has flown by and been a great journey. I am grateful to God for leading us through the highs and lows and always bringing us closer together.
In honor of the occasion Madison was dying to see my wedding dress. She wanted me to put it on and I told her I didn't know if it would still fit me. She said, "well that would be good cuz it would mean you have grown" I love her innocence! She will soon find out that at a certain age growing is no longer a celebration :-) As I suspected I couldn't zip it all the way up :-) She still wanted to take a picture of me but I told her she could put it on and she was beaming!! She loved having it on - it was very cute to see her interest in our wedding, my dress and her love for wearing beautiful things!
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Coriander said...

Congrats! Hard to believe it is already 11 yrs! Madison looks so cute!

Karmen said...

Madison looks so grown up! crazy to think before you know it she'll be wearing her OWN wedding dress.

Theora said...

Happy anivershery! Madison looks so mutch older. She looks verry pretty!