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Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Today I heard Isaac and Hannah talking.

Isaac: "Do you want that baby to die?" (her doll)
Hannah: "NNNOOOOO!!"
Isaac: "She'll go to heaven and get to see God. She'll have a better body with sparkles on her face"

I couldn't help but laugh - sparkles on her face??? Hmmm not sure what that means. I can't remember talking about this with him recently so it is cute to hear his take on what happens when you die.

Maybe the sparkles on our face are a reflection of God's glory when we are finally in His awesome presence! How exciting it will be to be face to face with God and reflect Him with "sparkles on our face" Of course we don't have to wait to be in His physical presence to reflect Him! May we all strive to show Him in all that we do, may we be an example of Him to others, may we always have HIS "sparkles on our face"
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Janelle said...

I like that! ...sparkles on our face... May we live in His presence even now, to the extent that we reflect His glory with "sparkles on our face"! Keep eavesdropping, we might be challenged and encouraged some more! :)

The Outdoor Gang said...

Precious!! Innocent!!

Coriander said...

So sweet! How great to catch that moment!

Karmen said...

That is so cute. Isaac is very insightful :)