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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's a WEBKINZ Party!!

We were all thrilled to hear that there was a Webkinz party at the mall. The kids could hardly wait to try out the Wheal of Wow, go mining with Arty and see what prize they could get at the Wishing Well. Webkinz is a big hit with all four of them and to experience it in "real" life instead of on the computer was a BLAST.

Madison with her two horse Webkinz - Rogue and Shadow. Abby with her penguin Rosie. Ruby and Isaac had their Webkinz (Carbell the Koala, Rocky the Bear and Aslan the Lion) all decked out and ready to go.

I didn't get picture of the kids at the party because it was pretty hectic and busy. They had a lot of fun though and are excited for it to come back next year.
After the party we went to Barnes and Noble to enjoy some books. I love how they have it all set up for kids to sit and look at books or read. They are like kids in a candy store with all the books surrounding them.


Karmen said...

A webkinz party sounds really neat! That would have been interesting to see. I remember LOVING Barnes & Noble as a kid, everything is set up in such a cool & appealing way.

Theora said...

What fun!! I'll have to check into the webkinz party thing. Ahh, Barnes and Noble!