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Thursday, May 7, 2009

Good News!

We are very excited to have accepted an offer on our house in MN. We will be going to pack up the rest of our belongings soon. We close at the end of this month. We cannot believe how we witnessed God's hand in this all. We felt discouraged many times that it hadn't sold yet. However, He continued to reveal to us why it was "good" that it hadn't. He worked on issues in us through this time that were essential. It was amazing to see Him bring things to light that we didn't realized were issues just so He could walk us through them. We felt Him leading us to really address our budget and how we were spending HIS money. We had just finished ironing out the kinks and addressing our sloppy budget habits when we received the offer. His timing is ALWAYS right! :-) Thankfully, we always had underlying peace throughout the 9 month process because we knew moving to MT was His will for us. He had shown us this in many different ways. Therefore, we only needed to trust Him to finish what He had already put into motion. Unfortunately, there were occasions when we allowed ourselves to get bogged down with the "hows". Thankfully, He continued to challenge us to trust Him and trust His plan for our lives. We are happy that the outcome was the sale of our house but are confident that had there been more waiting in store for us, more disappointments and a greater loss of money we would have continued to trust Him and continued to believe that His good is always BEST (even when it isn't the "good" we had in mind)

Now we are off to do some house hunting. Hopefully, I will have pictures to share soon :-)

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The Outdoor Gang said...

YAHOOOOO! God is SO good and faithful and it always amazes me how His blessings unfold at just the right time. It's always during some of the most difficult times in my life or the times that my faith is tested that He reveals His love and faithfulness. This thing called LIFE is quite the journey!