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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Milestone for Ruby

One night as Ruby was getting ready for bed she noticed a loose tooth. She was thrilled and wanted it pulled out immediately. Brock told her to keep wiggling it for the night and he would check it the next day to see if it was ready.
Lunch time rolled around and Ruby couldn't wait for Brock to check the status of her tooth. I have never seen a kid so anxious for the loss of their first tooth! Brock came out with this huge wrench and Ruby never even flinched. It was so funny - she was not deterred for a second! She opened her mouth wide as Brock waited for her to say, "umm never mind I can wait" She never did - she sat patiently :-)
Now that she couldn't be scared out of it Brock got serious and tried to yank it out. Ruby is waiting expectantly as he grabs a hold of it and then her raised eyebrows ask, "did you get it" Unfortunately, he pulled and it didn't come out! Just what you don't want to do :-) Ruby was not upset at all, she was ready for another try. Abby was very cute - she was so supportive and encouraging. She was very proud of Ruby and told her over and over how brave she was. It was a very good example of a big sister :-)
Ruby decided she wanted Brock to tie it to a door and jerk the door. He got her all tied up and Abby wanted to shut the door. They had seen it on tv and were sure it would work. Once she was all set up Ruby had second thoughts for the first time. She decided she wanted to have it pulled out instead. As Brock was getting her untied he instead jerked the door and her tooth flew out! We were all surprised! Her tooth was still attached to the floss and the door :-) She was sooooo excited! She ran to the mirror to see the NEW LOOK!!
Now it is time to share the good news with mommy! She couldn't wait to call her and tell her all about it :-)
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The Outdoor Gang said...

What a GREAT uncle!!! I'll make sure and send Cayel his way when we find a loose tooth :)! How was your trip back from MN? Did you get the house all packed up? Any luck on house searching in MT? I've been thinking about you and praying for you LOTS!

Ashley said...

That is such a cute story! Ruby sure is a determined kid. :)

Coriander said...

So cute! What a big girl! My kids were not nearly that brave!!

Karmen said...

that's such a cute story, especially Abby playing the comforting big sis role