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Sunday, May 24, 2009

2 Years Ago . . .

2 years ago this morning I looked like this

We gave the baby one more outward squeeze and looked forward to meeting him/her face to face 2 years ago this evening (at 7:40 to be exact) the big belly was gone (well not exactly gone) and Hannah Grace was born

Does she look anything like she did back then? I can see glimpses of her when I look at her newborn pictures.
She talks up a storm, is extremely stubborn, loves to make us laugh, loves to snuggle, is reserved in new situations but warms up quickly, loves to sing and is a JOY to us all!

Some of her current phrases: (which she says very clearly)
"I love (sounds more like wub) you"
"that's gross"
"that's cute"
"yeah, sure"
"that's a nice house"
"Lord, you are more precious than silver" (she sings this alot!)
"I want some cheese please"
"QUIET" (she has been known to yell this on occasion!)
"I have it please"
"I tooted"
"I stinky"
"I not a nana, I Hannah" (when anyone calls her Hannah Banana)
"that's so nice"

The list goes on and on and if she isn't coming up with her own things she is a little parrot. Whenever we are praying she bows her little head but repeats random words throughout the prayer. It is very adorable.

We all are looking forward to what this new year will bring with her!


Karmen said...

Happy Birthday Hannah! I cannot believe she is two!

Theora said...

Happy birthday Hannah!

Coriander said...

Yeah Hannah! 2 years old! Great post. She is a cutie!