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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Flying High

We are all flying high (literally in some cases) with excitement to have family come and visit. My sister Bekah and her husband Dale and their four girls, Abby, Ruby, Violet and Georgia, came to visit for the weekend. The kids had a blast and we all enjoyed beautiful weather and had fun outside.

This picture is awesome!! Brock took it of Ruby jumping off a stone ledge. It is so cute how focused she is - even her tongue is sticking out :-) Isaac's look of amazement is so cute too!!

Isaac's turn to jump - Ruby must be concentrating for him because her tongue is still out :-) Next, everyone was supposed to jump at the same time. For some reason, Isaac and Ruby were the only two to made it off the ledge! Isn't that just like a big sister? Get two big sisters together and you never know what can happen :-)
Abby and Madison did take their turn too - just not with the "little kids" of course :-)

The kids posing on the perfect jumping ledge! Left to Right: Isaac, Violet (3), Ruby (5), Abby (8) and Madison. Notice the "M" on the hill behind them, that is where Madison and Brock hiked not too long ago.

PS - I am still in catch up mode - these pics are from a month ago. Can you tell I am a systematic person?? Don't go out of order, don't skip ahead, don't breeze past anything, be thorough :-) Unfortunately, we have more snow today than this weekend one month ago, bummer!!


Karmen said...

That picture of Ruby is too funny! the kids are so lucky to have cousins close to their ages :)

Coriander said...

That picture is amazing! Love it! All of the pictures are great really! What fun.

bekahe said...

Love the jumpers! And I too feel like I have to have it all in order and it gets me in trouble at times:)