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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Venturing Out

I had been meaning to visit the Children's Museum for months and finally did. The kids loved it. We could have spent many more hours there but once nap time rolls around there isn't much that holds me back :-) Nap time in our house is mandatory (and necessary in order for me to fully function) :-) I was glad that Ruby was a great napper and she, Isaac and Hannah always slept. Although Abby and Madison didn't usually sleep they always rested for at least an hour. As for me, I usually get stuff done but always sit down and enjoy myself a little bit :-) Once Madison is up we do some of her reading or possibly a science project. She loves both of these so this time is usually our fun time - alone. :-) Anyways, how did I get off on that tangent . . hmmmm. Back to the museum :-)

The three ladies looking much different than I remembered them. It is so crazy for me to see Madison with the long long hair because I can actually see myself in her. I hear from others that she looks like me but I can't usually see it. Abby's black wig was so funny - it was all matted and crazy :-)Isaac is such a funny concentrater (is that a word?) - he usually has the facial expressions to go with it. He didn't spend too much time trying to get the body back together but he did spend quite some time at the electronic tinkering section. The girls had long gone and he was still there. It was like he was in his own world. He was determined to put the remote control back together :-)The doctor kit was a big hit. Ruby didn't want to be a "patient" so the girls talked Isaac into it
The dried beans were really fun. I should try this at home, they were quite entertained by them.

Love Hannah's facial expression - such concentration
The bubble wall was really fun. Abby and Madison tried over and over to see how big their bubbles would get.

The painting received the unanimous vote for most fun at the museum. The event for the day was sponge painting. They each created a masterpiece to take home. It was fun to see what they would each come up with and how they went about it. Abby definately put the most thought into hers - she contemplated quite a while before deciding what to draw. I think Madison always has a picture created in her mind so she dove right in. Isaac and Ruby also dove right in but their pictures took shape as they went, adding this and that along the way. Cute to see the differences in personalities show up in all activities.
Isaac focusing on his house which later was hidden underneath much more paint. He likes to "layer" his work and also likes to tell you what he created in each layer. Ruby was all about color - the more colors the better :-)

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Coriander said...

Ok, that is just shocking how much MAdison does look like you with dark hair! Wow! Looks like you all had a great day. Inspires me to go back to the Children's Museum here.
P.S Love the new layout!!