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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Summer Snowball Fights

We headed up the mountain to go to a lake but the road was closed. Instead of going home we parked off the road, had a picnic, walked around and had a snowball fight. It was pretty fun find a pile of snow on a hot sunny day.

Madison is really asking for it - can't you just hear her "nananananana". Looks like she got Brock good - their expressions are priceless!

Hannah wants to get in on the action. When Brock is playing, no one is off limits - Hannah is just about to be clocked in the head! I play much nicer with the kids :-)

Brock teaching Hannah the art of looking for snakes :-) Not really, but when I look at them walking through this tall grass that is all I can think of :-)

The story of Hannah's life - trying to catch up to the big kids! For her, this is no problem, she always seems to catch them :-) It is so cute to see her look of admiration for Isaac. They play so great and he is so sweet with her. It is nice to see!

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