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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

And More Friends

After many attempts, I finally got a good picture of Madison and Alika. They were being so silly and laughing hysterically. Who knows why - I suppose because they are girls!
Hannah and Brittany. Hannah really liked Brittany and followed her around. She was in dire need of a hair cut but we did have fun putting crazy hair ties in her hair.
Isaac and Tiana have a blast together. They play great, which is so nice. She is just over a year older than Isaac.
I took the kids and Alika and Tiana out to visit Nellie. They all enjoyed her and of course she was just as cute as she was a couple days ago :-)

Alika and Hannah and Madison and Nellie
Madison and her "twin" Abby. I met Abby's mom in a Bible Study when we first moved to Roseau and we introduced our babies to each other. We knew they needed to meet because they were they exact same age - same birthday and all. They didn't see eachother again for several years. When we moved to our first house (when Madison turned 4) Abby lived across the street! It seemed like they had been friends forever, the were immediately inseperable. They played all the time and got along great. It was a true blessing for Madison to have such a great neighbor, friend, "twin" right across the street!

Madison and Marcy - her friend and art partner/teacher. Madison has been spending time with Marcy since she was 4. I know that God orchestrated Marcy and I being in the same Bible Study just to introduce her into our lives. She has been amazing for Madison - both as a friend and teacher. They are like two peas in a pod. I could have never picked a better person for her to spend time with and be taught by. Of course, I know I didn't pick her and I am thankful that God did!

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Karmen said...

how fun for them to be able to visit old friends :) love picture almost on the bottom of the 3 girls.

Karmen said...

love the*

Coriander said...

Great pictures! Love Madison's dress! You could sell those!