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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Friends . . . .

. . . who can live life without them! I am so glad that God has blessed us (not only Brock and I but the kids too) with awesome friends. They made leaving Roseau sooo hard but then on the other hand they make coming back to Roseau such a TREAT!
Madison and "Grandma" Elizabeth. When we moved to Roseau Madison was 6 months old. We moved into an apartmen and met Elizabeth the first day. Little did I know that God would use her in our lives - in particular Madison's life. She quickly became a grandma to Madison and a friend to me. I was managing the apartment building so Madison would spend time with Elizabeth while I was in the office. Madison loved her and loved the attention she gave her. It was sweet to see the two of them together. When we moved out (Madison was 3) they continued to spend time together. Madison would spend one morning a week with her. Madison still loves spending time with Grandma Elizabeth - and no matter what she will always be one of her grandmas!

Hannah and Anna. Anna was over one day and Hannah LOVED it. She followed her around and wanted to be right where she was. Anna loved it too because she had someone to laugh at EVERYTHING she did. At the coffee shop enjoying some ice cream. Anna giving her silly smile and Hannah giving her "this is painful" smile

Madison and Micah creating a dominos masterpiece. They have so much fun playing together and are always coming up with creative things to do.

Jenika, Madison and Isaac hanging out at the coffee shop with Angie and I. Madison and Jenika are so similar - two little tomboys who also know how to be girlie girls. They play so well together and it is an added treat for Madison to get her wardrobe from Jenika. Anything that used to be Jenika's is immediately one of her favorite things :-)
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Karmen said...

Cute pictures! Anna and Micah look so different from when I last saw them!

Coriander said...

What a blessing friends are! How nice when our kids find them too!