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Thursday, June 4, 2009

An Awesome Weekend

We spent the weekend at a forest service cabin in the Bridger Mountains. We all had so much fun. The weather was amazing and the setting beautiful. Here is the cabin from further up the hill (near an old barn also on the property)
The view from the front porch of the cabin.
The hammock's were the best - too bad we didn't have a couple more so we could all enjoy them at once. :-) The cabin had two rooms - a sleeping area with two bunk beds and a cot and a kitchen/dining room area. It was nice and spacious.
We brought our Razr and spent a lot of time riding around exploring. It was so fun to have it as we were able to see places we never could have hiked to.

(no the kids did NOT ride like this! They sat in the back)

Isaac picking flowers for Madison. He was busy picking flowers for me so we prompted him to pick some for his sister - of course we were ready with the camera to capture it :-)
Meal time. Hannah wanted to roast her hot dog too but it wasn't long before she got a little to wild and it fell in. Luckily it was rescued by dad and happily eaten :-)
We made delicious kabobs! What a treat - they were so tasty!

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