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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Real Treat

Not only do we usually consume a lot of ice cream and yummy chocolate sauce when we are at Val and Sheldon's, it is a treat to just hang out with them! The kids love snuggling, hanging out and doing anything with them :-)
The awesome cupboard- where the kids go upon arrival. How fun to have a special spot of fun stuff!
It is so nice to see how comfortable the kids are with Val and Sheldon. They are like grandparents to them and we feel blessed to have them in our lives, and the kid's!

Isaac hung out several days with Sheldon and had so much fun. Without Brock there Isaac really needed "man time" so I was very grateful to Sheldon for fulfilling that. :-) They worked around the house some and even went out to the cabin and worked in the woods. Isaac talked about it for DAYS!!

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