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Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hannah LOVES ice cream so it was very fitting to head to Coldstone to celebrate her 2nd birthday. Only because it was her birthday were we all willing to "sacrifice" for her and eat it along with her!

Grandma helping Hannah open her "princess" themed present. She is staring at her new doll "GIGI" with wide eyed wonder or is that shock :-)

The wand and feather boa were a big hit. She wouldn't take her feathers off for quite some time. How naturally little girls transform into a princess - and LOVE it. It was really cute

The kids each spent their own money on a present for Hannah and were so thrilled to give it to her. It was really cute to see how happy they were for her - as if they had recieved the gift themselves.

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The Outdoor Gang said...

Happy Birthday Princess Hannah! You sure are a cute BIG girl!!