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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Bunny Love

It was so much fun to go out to our friends house and see their new baby bunnies. They were so tame and loved being held. We all wanted to take one home! I even called Brock and asked if we could. Thankfully he wasn't smitten by the cute little things and talked some sense into me.
Everyone had their favorite bunny and luckily there were enough to go around! A highlight for all of them was feeding time. The bunnies nibbled away at the little carrots and everyone got a kick out of it. Isn't this picture so hilarious! The bunny is sitting so perfect. It would slowly lean back farther and farther then tip over. It quickly sat right back up for more treats!
Don't tell me you wouldn't you want to bring these home for your kids too??? :-)
I love this second picture because you can see Isaac and his little sitting bunny in the background.
As you can see our little animal lover found yet another animal to LOVE
Hannah was her typical self - hesitant at first and real reserved. Eventually, she warmed up to them and enjoyed feeding them carrots. She was a bit forceful with her carrots but did great.
Sheila helping Hannah say goodbye to her furry little friends.


Karmen said...

CUTE! I want one!

Theora said...

Cute!! I like the 1 Madison is holding best! Ohh I want one!