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Thursday, June 4, 2009

More from our weekend

I love this picture! The sky is so unbelievably blue!
The kids had a blast shooting Brock's 22. Hannah and I had to run back to town because we had forgotten a couple things so I wasn't there to get a picture of Isaac shooting (with Brock's help of course)

Every corner we rounded were breathtaking views and an opportunity for pictures. The constant unloading of the Razr and reloading did get old so eventually I just sat back and enjoyed the scenery :-) I did get plenty of pictures so I was okay being the passenger instead of the photographer :-)
It is nice that Madison is old enough to take pictures for us :-)
This weekend reinforced my desire for a filter for my camera because the bright sun really washes out the picture. I still love this picture though
Nice to be all tuckered out from a day of fresh air and exercise! We are all ready for bed and feeling just how Samson is looking :-)

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