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Monday, June 8, 2009


Life has been very busy lately and I am way behind on posting :-) Instead of trying to catch up I am going to head to the library with the kids and enjoy the cool brisk day. Also, in hopes of more sun shining days I will post some pics of when the sun was blazing

When we rented this house in November we had no idea we would inherit a SERIOUS dandelion problem! Brock has been at war with them for weeks now. There was a time when it seemed he had lost the battle (these pictures were taken during that time) but as of last night it seems he has almost won. One more treatment and they should be goners! YEAH!! We can now look our neighbors in the face - ha ha :-)

Isaac hasn't minded the ample supply of "flowers". He has been bringing me bouquets left and right. He was thrilled when they became "even prettier" and changed from yellow to big fluffy balls :-) I displayed his beautiful bouquet in the windowsill and of course thanked him profusely for his sweetness :-)

Hannah is finally back to normal after a week of rotovirus. It got really bad and we are thankful that it is over. The other two got it slightly but nothing like Hannah. She is eating like crazy now, trying to make up for lost time :-)

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