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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Walking the Trails

The kids and I went on a walk/bike ride along the trails in our neighborhood. It was so nice out we had to get out and enjoy it :-) Along the trail there are several wooded areas, with little streams and bridges. The kids love to stick their feet in the water, climb the trees and hide from me (which they do every time and of course I am surprised each time) :-)
Samson is very happy for the streams - perfect watering holes for a chubby, under-exercised dog! :-)
Audrey loves being in the Beco and snuggles right in.

Lucky Hannah gets to take the easy route. She was going to ride her bike but I wasn't sure I could manage her and Samson while carrying Audrey. I decided she could try her bike when Brock is with us :-)


Karmen said...

Thank goodness for Becos, making hikes with a newborn possible! Looks like the weather there has been beautifull

The Chapters In Our Life... said...

Can you say SUPER MOM?!?!?! :)