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Friday, September 10, 2010

Going Home

We headed home from the birth center 6 hours after Audrey was born. I have never left so quickly after a birth but felt good and was ready to settle in at home. Then the midwife comes to the house to check on us 1 day after and 3 days after birth.

Getting her dressed for the first time :-)

Audrey saying goodbye to our midwife - MikelAnn (at least until tomorrow)


Greta Marie said...

Wow! That's impressive that you got to go home so quickly! And you both look great! You know how babies can sometimes look a little funny after being born? :) Well, NONE of your ever look funny, just GORGEOUS! I like her little hat too. (Did your mom make that?)

p.s. I like the purple/white flower walls at the birthing center. :)

Janelle said...

So glad you're doing so good! I love the way she keeps her hands up by her face. Carolie was like that, and was so strong you couldn't make her put them down! :)

Greta Marie said...

I just had to come back to look at Audrey again today. :) I was just thinking, which I'm sure you've thought about plenty being pregnant 4 times, but isn't it just so amazing how she just formed in you...a little person?! It is just so amazing to me and I can't help but just praise God!

The Chapters In Our Life... said...

Brock and Amber,
I just read the last of your few posts...congratulations! And welcome this big beautiful world Audrey! You look so amazing Amber and your daughter is absolutely georgous! Happy birthday to the both of you...what an amazing birthday gift!