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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sweet Little Audrey

Time is flying by and I can't believe that tomorrow Audrey will be 2 weeks! I am LOVING life with her - I can't get enough of holding her, looking at her and thanking God for her. She has been pretty good this week - not quite as sleepy as her first week and a bit more fussy. However, she is still a great baby who is easily consoled, loves to be held, loves her pacifier and is a good eater.

I know I speak for us all when I say we are in love with

Audrey at 8 days old. She spends more time looking around and trying to make sense of her surroundings :-) Of course she already recognizes her daddy and will soon agree with me - he is THE BEST!

9 days old and completely zonked :-) She still scratches herself alot so has to have her hands covered - I couldn't find her little mitts so her socks did the trick :-)
11 days old and getting a little chubbier :-) I love watching her sleep - so peaceful.
More of Audrey at 11 days. She looks so big "sitting" up on Isaac's lap!


Coriander said...

Wow, 2 weeks! I love the black & white one where she is sleeping. She is adorable.

The Chapters In Our Life... said...

She is so beautiful! You should post pictures of all the kids when they were that age :). It'd be fun to see what they looked like.