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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Up the Mountain

We had amazing weather this weekend - sunny and low 80s. We decided it was a perfect time to take the Razr out and explore some trails.

This particular trail led us to this beautiful spot. The trees, the rocky ridge and the fall colors were awesome.
Brock drove, Madison and Isaac sat in the back, I put Audrey in the Beco and she and I sat in the front also. Matt and Donna came with us so Hannah rode with them. Audrey did great. She slept the entire time and probably reminisced about the many times she went up the mountain while in my tummy :-)
Grandma, Madison and Isaac exploring
We saw this stream and had to stop and enjoy it. The kids were in it right away and thought for sure they could swim here - despite the fact that it was only inches deep :-)
I love how this picture captures their excitement as they run to enjoy the stream
Hannah and her pretty bouquet of flowers - she was very proud of them :-)
Grandpa, Grandma and Hannah herding the cows off of the trail. We ran into cows multiple times and had to spur them on so we could get through. Isaac loves cows so he was pretty thrilled about this :-)
This tree was HUGE!! It was so cool and of course Brock had to climb it and Madison had to try (she decided getting down would be too hard so gave up)
Looking up into the canopy of the tree was so cool - it was like a huge maze!

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Karmen said...

wow, that tree is wild! especially the picture looking up at all the branches. I'm still waiting for my chance to get out there and enjoy all these beautiful hikes!