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Friday, September 10, 2010

First Visitors

Hannah and Isaac were staying with grandpa and grandma and they all headed over to meet their new sister and new granddaughter.
Grandpa and Grandma with grandchild #5
Hannah was thrilled and couldn't wait to hold her. When she first came in Audrey was crying and Hannah said, "she hasn't learned how to use her inside voice yet". Also, as she was holding her she looked at her fingers and said, "she has polish on her nails" because they were a little purplish. So funny!
Isaac was so cute when he arrived because he had all sorts of things he wanted to show me and give me. He was real snuggly with me and wanted to sit right by me. He wasn't sure if he wanted to hold her but then was pretty excited.


Coriander said...

I love to see the siblings reaction! One ofthe best parts. I can still remember that experience as a sibling myself!

Greta Marie said...

I love Hannah's inside voice comment! :) Also, I told you before, but I just LOVE her name-it's so beautiful!

Karmen said...

aw, so cute! Hannah says the funniest things.