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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Little Doll

Some pics of Audrey from yesterday (4 days old). She only got to wear this cute little outfit for an hour before having her first major blowout :-)
She cried and cried while I cleaned her up but was soon happy and busy looking around. The kids were all gathered around concerned that she was crying so much. She is such a good baby that she rarely cries so it was strange for them to see her like that.
She has been doing great in the night - she eats a lot but quickly goes back to sleep
The kids have been excited about her but also pretty nonchalant. They are excited to see her, hold her and hug her but then go back to playing. Madison has been real helpful - always eager to help dress her, hold her and admire her :-) I got some cute pics of them each with her today that I will get on soon :-)


Janelle said...

Love the black and whites!!! Your post is aptly titled! :) She's really bright-eyed!

The Chapters In Our Life... said...

She sure is precious! How does Hannah like being a BIG sister?!?!

Karmen said...

Very cute pictures!

Coriander said...

Love the pictures!! So cute. Also love the new header. You have been busy. I think you better come on over and fix mine too!

bekahe said...

I ADORE these pictures:)