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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Waiting . . . .

. . . . can be hard to do :-)

We are all patiently waiting for this little baby to make his or her grand entrance. Things are moving along and I am having lots of labor activity but not enough to be in full blown labor. Of course, I have always been induced so I don't really know what early labor is like :-)
My mom is here, all our bags are packed, baby stuff is out and we are READY. We have been busy playing at the pond, hiking to some awesome falls (easy hike), taking rides up the mountain, swimming, making cookies and anything else we can think of to pass the time :-)
We had a beautiful day on Friday so enjoyed it at the pond - and even had it all to ourselves :-)
Probably our last family of 5 picture :-) Grandpa Matt, Grandma Donna and Grandma Mary were there too but we didn't get a good pic of us all.
Oh, and for that 41 week belly picture I didn't want to have to take - here it is . . .

Not a great one but we wanted to get one of the baby, me and the falls. This is actually 2 days before my "official 41 weeks"
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Janelle said...

Hang in there! Or should I say "out there"! :)They never stay in there forever! I've been thinking of you and wondering what the status is... :)