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Friday, August 28, 2009

Reelin' Em In

We spent the afternoon fishing along the river. It was a perfect day - sunny but a nice breeze. Contrary to the title of this post, we didn't reel one single fish in! Oh well, we had lots of fun and of course lots of good pics :-)
Grandpa helping the kids get set up. Hannah fell asleep and stayed sleeping through most of the adventure. She needed her sleep so that was great.

Now they are experts, no help needed! :-)

OK, I guess they do still need a little help spotting the perfect spots

These pictures crack me up. Madison had caught a couple grasshoppers in our field and wanted to use them for bait. Her facial expressions were hilarious as she watched grandpa put it on the hook. She got a couple bites on them but no fish

Later that evening, we took the kids to the pond by our house to try again. Hannah had a blast and loved fishing! Brock gave her his ice fishing pole and it was perfect for her :-)

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