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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Our Visit to Yellowstone

In June, Brock's sister Erika, her son Finn and Matt's mom Pat were here visiting. We had alot of fun together. A big highlight was a weekend trip to Yellowstone National Park.

Our first stop - Mammoth Hot Springs. It was very cool but we will have to go there again to get the full effect. We realized we had missed the upper area and only walked the lower. I am sure it would have been much more impressive. The water wasn't burning hot like I expected. Of course everyone had to touch it to see for themselves :-)

Erika, Madison and Isaac.

Brock and Hannah taking in the beautiful scenery

Brock and Hannah, the amazing rock's and Donna, Erika, Madison and Pat

1 comment:

Coriander said...

Sooo beautiful! I can't relate to wearing pants and long sleaves in the summer! Seems weird. What a great spot.