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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Home Sweet Home

Today marks 4 weeks of owning our house. We spent the first week moving in and the next 3 getting unpacked. We are mostly settled except a few boxes, some decorations and the garage. We are so thankful that God opened the door for us to buy this house and we love everything about it - the house, the location and the neighborhood! I took pictures of the main level yesterday so thought I would share them :-)

The front entry - the door on the right leads to the garage and the other two are an entry closet and guest room/office

The guest room/office

The living room

The dining room

From the back of the house
The kitchen. I love all the space! I got spoiled with a big kitchen in Roseau and am so thankful to have one again :-)

We love being out here on the deck! Whenever possible we play out here, eat out here or just sit out here and relax
One of these days we will get a table on the patio :-)

When we left our house in Roseau, I didn't think I would find one I loved as much. God has given us more than we expected in many ways since moving here and this house is definately one of them. One of the added blessings is an 8 year old girl - Gabby - right next door! The move has been hardest on Madison and having a friend right next door has been amazing for her. They hit it off right away and are so similiar. They play, play and play! They are great at including Isaac and Hannah too, which is nice for me and them :-)
I will show you upstairs next - or you can just come visit us and see it for yourself :-)


The Chapters In Our Life said...

Beautiful! I think we would fit just fine in the guest bedroom :)! I PROMISE we will come out and visit sometime soon . . .

Coriander said...

It looks lovely! Can't wait to see it in person! You have done a great job of decorating it, too.

Greta Marie said...

LOVE it! :)

Liam Shannon said...

i love every room! your stuff looks great in the house, nice and bright to! cant wait to visit and see it all in person

bekahe said...

Really, really nice Amber! I am itching for a visit now!!