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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cousins Galore

After spending time with their cousin Finn the kids got to spend a couple days with their cousins in ND. Nothing seems to compare to endless hours with cousins! A quick reminder for those who have trouble following my ever expanding family :-) I have 5 sister and 3 brothers. In order they are - Cori (lives in Alabama with Grayson and their 4 kids - Kate, Jack, Mary and Jude), Bekah (lives in ND with Dale and their 4 girls - Abby, Ruby, Violet and Georgia) then it is me. Next is Nicole (lives in WY with Shane and their kids - Bailey, Liam, Maggie and Brogan), Levi (lives in ND with Rachel and their kids - Chloe, Eli, Lia and Judah) Jesse (lives in WA - soon to be ND - with Julie and their 2 boys - Ira and Simon), Laura (lives in ND with Joey and their kids - Lily, Kiaran, Lyrik and Aiden) and next is David and Karmen who are both unmarried. So . . . got it? :-) Now that my brother Jesse will be in ND soon I can visit most of my family in one stop - WOW that hasn't happened in ages!
Eli, Isaac and Kiaran
Hannah and Lyrik. They were interested in each other but didn't play much - I am sure they will soon.
Chloe, Abby and Madison holding Karmen's new puppy Eloise.
Abby (holding their puppy Clara), Madison (and Eloise), Lily and Chloe
Hannah holding her newest cousin, Aiden (this is in June - as of July she had a newer one) :-)


Coriander said...

Thanks for always posting pictures of all the cousins! I LOVE to see them. Next best thing to being there.

The Chapters In Our Life said...

WOW! 25 grandchildren (if I counted correctly :) . . . your parents sure are blessed! Looks like fun!