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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Falling Beauty

I LOVE waterfalls. I always have. Therefore, this stop along our Yellowstone tour was one of my favorites. They were so beautiful and so powerful. With all the extra rain we have had in this area they were even more spectacular.
Brock, Erika and Finn. I loved this picture but there was a guy walking behind them and right between them. I decided I would cut him out and ignore the mismatched background :-)

Matt/grandpa, Isaac, Brock and Hannah. Erika and Finn investigating the beauty below

Brock, Hannah, Madison and Donna/grandma. This made me cringe as I took it and still does now. I did NOT like Hannah high above the rail but had to trust Brock's ability to keep her safe :-)
My handsome guy and beautiful girly
Erika managing "the crew"
The falls from the other side. The above pictures were taken from the ledge on the right. It was beautiful up close but even more so from afar

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Ashley said...

Wow that is beautiful! Looks like you guys had a great time! :)