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Monday, August 17, 2009

Elephant Head Lodge

We all stayed at a beautiful cabin just outside of Yellowstone. Our cabin was above the tack room; therefore, we were also right next to the horse pen. As you can imagine, Madison was overjoyed!! It was really fun for all of us to have the pretty horses right out our window.

Grandma Pat, Hannah, Grandma Donna and Finn all out for a stroll Hannah, Isaac and Finn played and played - with food, rocks, chairs, the wood stove (not on of course) and anything else they could fiind. They were so cute turning the wood stove into a coffee/tea shop. They were busy serving us espressos, coffee and tea for quite some time :-)
Madison could always be found with the horses! She named them, pet them, pretended with them and daydreamed about them.

Next thing we knew Madison was no longer beside the horses but on one! She had spent quite some time with the lady who was grazing the horses. She walked around with her, talked with her and pet the horses. I guess the lady decided to make her day by letting her "ride" around a bit. She was so thrilled.
The whole gang, Brock, me, Pat, Erika, Finn, Hannah, Isaac, Donna, Matt and Madison


Ashley said...

Those are great pictures! It looks really beautiful. Your hair is getting really long!

The Chapters In Our Life said...

Awesome pictures! Looks like such a fun get away! Now that you have your new house, maybe you'll have to pitch a fence in the backyard and get Madison and horse of her own :)!