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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Summer Happenings

We have had a busy summer! In addition to the normal summer activities we made a trip to MN, moved to a new house, enjoyed multiple visitors and did several park and rec activities. The weather has been great and we have thoroughly enjoyed everything about our first summer in MT
Splashing around in the pond. We love having access to this anytime we want. It is also very nice to be able to see it from our house so we can go when it is not so busy :-)
In addition to the art class Madison took earlier, she also took a canoeing and kayaking class. She loved it and is better at both than I am :-) I didn't tell her that she would have to flip over in the kayak to learn how to get back up because I was afraid she wouldn't want to do the class. She thought it was no big deal and told me all about it excitedly after class. She is better than me and braver than me :-)
Isaac was thrilled to be able to do soccer and LOVED it! He did a great job too. He listened well and did whatever they told him to do. He is easily sidetracked so it was nice to see him so focused :-)

On the last day the kids played a game against each other. Isaac scored a goal and was SO proud of himself. After he scored he just stopped playing and looked over at me. It took him a second to find me so once he did he smiled and of course got a smile in return and a thumbs up then he got back to the game! It was so cute!

Madison and Isaac both did swimming lessons this year also. It lasted for 2 weeks and was fun for them and Hannah and I. They were at an outdoor pool and the weather was perfect nearly every day. I was unable to get them both in the same class so their lessons were 1 hour apart. It worked out well, I packed us all a lunch and lounged by the pool with my book for a couple hours each day! What a life :-) They both LOVED their teachers and everything about swimming lessons. Madison learned alot on her front crawl and did awesome swimming underwater. She was very proud of the fact that she got to be the example for the whole class on how to swim underwater correctly :-) Brock happened to be there watching for that day so she was BEAMING.
Isaac LOVED dunking under water. He was so proud of himself and would have spent the whole time doing it. If I ever caught his eye, he was immediately underwater. It got to the point where I had to purposely avoid eye contact just so he would pay attention to his teacher instead of dunk underwater :-)
It was fun to have so many options for the kids to do and I enjoyed getting out and seeing new places and people :-) If possible, we will definately do it all again next summer.


The Chapters In Our Life said...

What a fun summer!

Greta Marie said...

Looks fun and busy! Love Isaac's jersey, too! :)

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